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Warning: You Need To Connect”OR” It’s Over…

As we all know Social media has more connections than an old operators

So i wanted to make a short list for building your social media connections!

First off we need top make a list of the top leaders, and influencers that are in your niche. Follow them!

second-find out where your best connections are and start communicating with them and there followers…

third-start messaging and sending friend request to build your connections list.

fourth-be engaged daily. ask and answer problems your connection are having. And make sure you ask your connections to like/share your post…

fifth-use photos with your post, also use emojis, colored backgrounds…

again make sure to connect with the niche groups that your niche is…

start building trust with your connections by asking and answering problem your connection is having, post info that solves a problem…

As your building trust with your connections slowly start asking about there home business and if the like it?

find out your connections biggest problems and needs…

Offer your connection the solution to there problems, and needs…

Don’t loose your connections by posting about politics, religion, or anything that would bother you.

This is just the start do some research and build on this.

I hope this helps. jeff the Good Guy Marketer

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Short trainings

How to add a second headline in your email

Todays short video training is abourt 3 minutes long abourt adding a hidden second headline in your emails.

With this training you will see how it works. Plus it’s great on mobile devices.

So this being my first training it’s alittle longer than a minute but with practice they’ll be better and shorter.

Use this lesson and let me know if you email open rate improves!

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Getting Started

Good Guy Marketer is now opened!

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Getting started is your hardest step, and it’s not that EASY!

Listen the profits are out there waiting for you. But how do you get there?

What if I told you that on this site there will be short trainings, some as short as a minute some longer.

So let’s get into the right frame of mind, and start learning!

While your here. Please add what type of training you would be interested in. Post in comments below. Have a super day my friend. Jeff