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Hello my fellow rising stars!

Here are just a couple ideas to help you.

I hope that they do help but remember not all outcomes are the same.

These are just outlines make them your own and become a Big time rising star!

1. Avatar+USP= Ideal Customer

Do you know your audience?

Do you know their interest?

Do you have a product that matches their interest?

So in other words you need to know what your niche is, and where your prospect are at…

This is how you’re going to create your targeted message!

The biggest mistake is not thinking through the profile of the prospect you want to get in front of…

So when will the prospects that fits the profile, be likely to be most-interested  in your message?

It has to do with your target market…

So how do you find your ideal customer?

This is how you create your perfect prospect, it will draw a picture of your prospect, it will help you create a message for nobody else except your avatar. no looking up any info about the avatar your making your best avatar. so a example is below are questions to answer  #1 is how old is your avatar? my answer 36, #2 female, #3 26k and just answer the rest…

To start:

Demographics are your basic stats to start off your investigation…

1. how old is your avatar

2. are they male or female

3. what’s their household income

4. what’s their household net worth

5. are they married, single, or divorced

6. pets or no pets

7. do they have a car or no car

8. age of the vehicle

Don’t stop here look for

1. motivations

2. interest

3. and desires

So with the information above you want to create your perfect avatar. This will be the prospect you write your messages to:(sales letters, email messages ) tape a copy of your avatar to your computer  so when you write , write to the avatar. Maybe even name your avatar.learn everything about Name…

What to look for in targeting a market?

1. how big is the size of the market

2. how  is the reachability

3. is the reachability affordable

4. testimonials

5. customer facts

6. is it desired

what to ask yourself to find the right prospect/client…

1. what keeps them up at night and what are there worries, pains, frustrations 

2. what’s their single biggest problem that you can help them solve

3. what do they desire the most

Fill in the blanks for them:

( If I could just_______ then __________.)

ways to get more information

1. surveys

2. focus groups

3. conversations

4. your own records

So when you target the right market with the right message you will get prospects that are looking for what you have to offer…

by doing this it will help you have a different message that helps you stand out of a crowd…

So with the right message and presentation that touches every base, every time. It assumes nothing, and takes nothing for granted.

So now you have an idea on how to create your avatar, and U.S.P. write to your avatar like there your best friend…

Two checklist to help while creating your Avatar, and U.S.P”

U.S.P Checklist:

1. name

2. competitive positioning= create a U.S.P against your competition 

3. niche= create a niche you can rule

4. relationship=social association ex: retired doctor selling to other doctors in his market

5. benefits = hidden or show in the U.S.P

6. problems/ownership= create a U.S.P around a problem and take ownership of it

7. membership= gives products and services greater appeal

8. is your service different than everyone else and can you add extra value that no one else has

9. bonuses=have bonuses for you prospects that purchase

these are just a couple ideas. search the internet to help build your Unique Selling Proposition(usp)

Avatar checklist:

1. age

2. gender


4. family size

5. where they live

6. education

7. values

8. interest

9. hobbies

10. lifestyle

11. attitude

12. personality

Again do a search on the internet to help you create the perfect avatar.

There are many books out there that will teach you more than whats here but this is a step in the right direction!

Here’s a video telling you how to send a message to your avatar:

Plus here is Jon’s link to his youtube channel worth your weight in gold: Learn more here:

Get started and find your perfect prospect and create the perfect message!

2. 7 steps to penny clicks pdf :Click Image

3. How to create the right message…pdf click image

4. Here’s a script for the first page of your website:

Hi, my name is _ and my company is called _______. I’d like to personally welcome you to our Web site. Look around and

enjoy yourself. You can find out more here about ___, ____ and ______. We feature (tell about products, services, brands, 

or whatever it is that you sell) _. If I can ever be of help in answering a question, please 


just give me a call at __________ {or}

come down to our store at ________ {or} 

send me an e-mail at ____________.

5. Here’s a new email i came up with for dead beats:

Subject line: ~fname~?

~fname~ are you still interested in__________?

Would you like to get started______your __________and start getting results now!

Watch and see what _________can do for you…

Ready, name

Headline Idea templates

1.  ___ ways to ___.

2.  ____ ways to _____ in ___ time.

3. ___Resources to help your ___.

4. How to ___ without ___.

EX for #4 : How to generate traffic without spending a fortune.

So where do you find ideas for headlines?

Start looking at the headlines from magazines in your niche.

Weight loss, men-women fitness, entrepreneurs, make money online, playboy or for the girls play girl, when you waiting in line at the supermarket start reading the headlines on the magazines. Then swipe and change to your own headline. 

Hope this helps!

More headline template to come…

When selling to somebody , here’s what John Carlton , and with some help from Frank kern questions to ask:

1. Here’s What I Got.

2. Here’s What It’ll Do For You.


4. Here’s what I want you to do next. 

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Here is some very good training that myself , and Daniel Gonzales think everyone should watch and learn from.

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