Resources for the beginner to advanced marketer

These are the resources I have found that work the best.

When ever I find an interesting resource I will add it to this page and if you have signed up to be notified of updates you will also have the new resource…

Resource #1-

You can get 10 Free MLM Leads (Fresh Leads)

Also, they can teach you how to work your leads

by providing with ongoing live training.

The leads and training is awesome.

Check it out.

Resource #2-

Resource #3-

Every new and not so new marketer needs to learn how to build there list. Remember no list equals no business.

Start learning today…


There are many but I’ve been following the creator of video sales letters[VSL]for a long time and in the past couple weeks Jon Benson started a new youtube channel to learn all his tis and tricks to copywriting. So you need to go here and subscribe to his channel if your interested in learning any type of copy: Watch Here:

Then there’s John Carlton the marketing rebel learned from the one and only Gary Halbert. If you want to learn more about copywriting click here: